How to Structure a Blog Post To Boost Sales [Infographic]

Picture this.

You’re sitting down ready to start writing a new post for your blog.

You’ve written hundreds already, and yet you hesitate.

You borrowed so many voices and styles writing for clients and guest posting. And now, you feel self-conscious about your own voice and style.

Are there still new ideas left uncovered? Or can you,  at least, create something sticky from a topic that’s been covered oftentimes, by giving it your own spin?
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How to Get Viral with a Content Marketing Rant

1589875058_17c89cdb92_mA couple of months ago I came across a rather unsettling series of predictions about content marketing, published in January 2013 by Doug Kessler, Co-founder and Creative Director of Velocity Partners, a small London-based B2B marketing agency.

That rant was an eye-opener as much as it was a kick in the ass.

10 months and lots of more content later, Kessler’s slideshow continues to make marketers and content creators squirm in their seats. Here’s why.

Titled “Crap, Why the biggest threat to content marketing is content marketing,“ it looks at how important it is to create quality content, and how to rise above the noise.
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Feeling Clueless? Here’s How You Can Beat Writer’s Block [Infographic]

If you’re a content crafter like me, you sure know what it feels like when sometimes your muse deserts you.

Creating top-notch content that converts isn’t easy.

To do that, you must set a foundation:  research.

You have to pay attention to what’s going on in your niche.

You must gather information.

You have to spend time listening to what your audience needs and wants.

You must meet real people’s demands and challenges.
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Weekly Roundup: Monotasking, WordPress Security, SEO and More

ID-10031027At the end of another busy and fulfilling week, after connecting with some incredible people that gave me unsolicited yet priceless advice, here are the articles I came across the past few days and would highly suggest you look at.

Not only will they surely teach you a thing or two, but will also contribute to your peace of mind by what you learn from them.

Monotasking Is the New Multitasking

As I passionately dislike multitasking, Laura Vanderkam’s article was like another breath of fresh air to me. She delves into the efficiency of monotasking by pointing out that we all can learn how to focus, and quotes Peter Bregman, author of  18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done: “We’re all capable of monotasking, it’s just that we choose not to.”

How to Become a Master Copywriter in Just One Year

Back at the newly born The Write Life, James Chartrand shares five tips on how you can master the art of copywriting like nobody’s business. I personally can relate to “Get Over Your Issues” step, as sometimes my psyche tends to overpower me. James also stresses out the importance of expanding your copywriting education in sales, marketing, critical thinking or consumer psychology.
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7 Ways to Write Sparkling Copy

Beautiful SpaceShooting straight to the heart of your readers with persuasive copy isn’t easy.

But if you learn how to choose the right words with your audience in mind, you’ll own the two main elements of writing copy that rocks.

Now, let’s break this down into seven main points:

  1. Simplicity is key

Use short sentences.

Use verbs rather than adjectives and adverbs.

Use analogies and metaphors. Before selling something to your readers and convincing them to buy your product, you have to connect with them.

  1. Be engaging

Use ‘you’ instead of ‘I.’ Write as if you would talk to your BFF.

Think of the words you would use in a conversation or an email to your friend and you realize how confident you’ll be about what you want to communicate. The fear of sounding stupid or messing up your message will disappear and you’ll be the engaging copywriter that you want to be.

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