November Content Marketing and Social Media Roundup


Case Study: Advanced Content Marketing

By Jeff Bullas at

“Content is a two syllable word that has become an online marketing strategy. Its impact has far reaching effects that belies its verbal simplicity. It influences search engine results, drives online engagement and can create brand awareness at velocity when it goes viral.

“With Google’s recent updates, the role of content has increased in priority. The search giant is now rewarding sites with higher rankings that offer unique content that delivers a quality user experience. …” Read more >>

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October Content Marketing and Social Media Roundup

ID-10091675Here are a few must-reads I liked reading last month that I wanted to share:

3 Ways to Promote Blog Posts

By JoAnn Milivojevic at

“Promoting your blog post is just as important as writing good content. If you build it they MAY come but if you promote they more likely WILL come. So, how can you attract more viewers? Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder/Strategic Director of Orbit Media says publicize your post through:

Social Media

Email Marketing

Search Engine Optimization”
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September Roundup: How to be Number One on Google, Audience and More

ID-10080598My August weekly roundups got me two things that I’m really appreciative of: more eyeballs on my blog and new connections with fellow marketers and writers.

Some peeps whom I constantly read may have been vacationing this summer, but others were still hard at work.

Since my plate is getting considerably full, as of September I opted for putting together a monthly roundup, that will include 10 of the most engaging, results oriented and inspiring posts I come across.

There were lots of them this month and my mission to choose the best 10 posts wasn’t easy!

Here they are:
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Weekly Roundup: On Infographics, Google+, Quality Content and More

ID-100144340This week’s roundup revolves around a series of marketing related posts — a real treat for me and hopefully for you, too.

How to Create an Infographic in an Hour or Less [5 Free PPT Templates]

Being a visual person, I’m always drawn to visual content, especially infographics.

Since coming across the longest infographic I’ve ever seen, I was really curious about how you create such informative and smart stuff that illustrates your thoughts about a particular topic in a fun yet professional way, rather than text-based blog posts.

Well, Pamela Vaughan answered my question in a serendipitous way in her post featured on Hubspot. Her advice is not to throw the towel since there *are* easy ways to create infographics. See for yourself the 5 templates she lays out, all easily customizable in Powerpoint.

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Weekly Roundup: On SEO, Online Marketing and Success

ID-10097422I can never have enough of this abundance of information within the digital world.

I read a lot online as well as offline, whether it’s news, blogs and books. I watch TED talks too.

I research thoroughly to keep educating myself, which is of great benefit to me, but also to my clients as I work with them. More information for me is more power for them.

Every week so much good stuff comes my way, sometimes nearly effortlessly. I get emails from my readers who either ask me some great questions, or make suggestions and recommendations.

Speaking of effortlessly, a reader who particularly enjoys my weekly roundups, reached out to me a couple of days ago. We both have something in common. Brian Dean, the founder of, and I are monotaskers. YAY us!

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Weekly Roundup: On Social Media and Google


Social Media Lead Generation for B2B: A Conference Presentation

Mana Ionescu, the President of Chicago-based Lightspan Digital, goes beyond the aspects of engagement and visibility through social media, and tackles the role of social media in the sales process and pipeline.

In a presentation she gave recently to a group of women entrepreneurs in Chicago, Mana covers social media lead generation specifically for B2B companies in “non-sexy industries.”

The Complete Guide for Finding and Sharing Better Content on Social Media

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, Belle Beth Cooper has been an excellent addition to Buffer’s team as a Content Crafter. I love reading her nifty posts just as much as I love the ones written by Leo Widrich, the man at the helm of Buffer’s everything marketing.

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Weekly Roundup: Monotasking, WordPress Security, SEO and More

ID-10031027At the end of another busy and fulfilling week, after connecting with some incredible people that gave me unsolicited yet priceless advice, here are the articles I came across the past few days and would highly suggest you look at.

Not only will they surely teach you a thing or two, but will also contribute to your peace of mind by what you learn from them.

Monotasking Is the New Multitasking

As I passionately dislike multitasking, Laura Vanderkam’s article was like another breath of fresh air to me. She delves into the efficiency of monotasking by pointing out that we all can learn how to focus, and quotes Peter Bregman, author of  18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done: “We’re all capable of monotasking, it’s just that we choose not to.”

How to Become a Master Copywriter in Just One Year

Back at the newly born The Write Life, James Chartrand shares five tips on how you can master the art of copywriting like nobody’s business. I personally can relate to “Get Over Your Issues” step, as sometimes my psyche tends to overpower me. James also stresses out the importance of expanding your copywriting education in sales, marketing, critical thinking or consumer psychology.
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Weekly Roundup: On Marketing, Business and… a Shameless Plug

ID-100174617Whoa, this has been one hell of a week!

Besides being featured in Huffington Post – I still pinch myself – I came across a lot of goodies and learned some new things.

Here’s some of them:

Stop Sucking at Words: Content Marketing Tools & Tricks

Overit’s VP of Strategy Lisa Barone covers some of her favorite content marketing and social media super tools. She teaches you the tricks you should master as a content marketer “to uncover new opportunities and leveraging assets you already have – like your site analytics and the other members on your team.”

Announcing the Launch of My Content Marketing Agency!
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Weekly Roundup: On Naps, Affirmations, Playing It Safe and More

ID-10092140As of today, every Friday I will post a roundup of five articles that got my attention over the week.

It doesn’t matter how old they are as long as the content is timeless, useful and interesting.

Today’s roundup covers productivity and well-being related articles.

Without further ado, here are my five favorite pieces of the week:


How naps affect your brain and why you should have one every day

New Buffer Content Crafter Belle Beth Cooper strikes again with a fresh, elaborated-yet-packed-with-priceless-information post about how sleep affects us, the benefits of napping on our memory and learning process.
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