How to Get Viral with a Content Marketing Rant

1589875058_17c89cdb92_mA couple of months ago I came across a rather unsettling series of predictions about content marketing, published in January 2013 by Doug Kessler, Co-founder and Creative Director of Velocity Partners, a small London-based B2B marketing agency.

That rant was an eye-opener as much as it was a kick in the ass.

10 months and lots of more content later, Kessler’s slideshow continues to make marketers and content creators squirm in their seats. Here’s why.

Titled “Crap, Why the biggest threat to content marketing is content marketing,“ it looks at how important it is to create quality content, and how to rise above the noise.

Kessler doesn’t waste his time saving marketers’ feelings as he rants about the growing spread of low quality content all over the internet, and the reasons why that happens. He just tells it like it is. If you wonder why he needed 50 slides to send a simple message across– of creating great content instead of more content– you sure won’t get bored going through them one by one.

By slide number 14 the truth is out there: “We’re all about to be buried in CRAP.”

Who will be those who will rise above this?

Kessler puts emphasis on Great Content Brands, which are famous (in their market) for “producing intelligent, useful and entertaining content that’s always worth consuming.” Why is always the operative word? Because failing once will damage the brand. No pressure.

Here are the six principles of Great Content Brands:

  1. Be the buyer
  2. Be authoritative
  3. Be strategic
  4. Be prolific
  5. Be passionate
  6. Be tough on yourself

THAT is what leads to a high Return on Content.

Speaking of great content, this slideshow itself created quite the buzz once it was out in the open. Kessler couldn’t hide his excitement in a post about how it caught on since the day it was published, (closing with a recent update on November 22), and what that meant for the Velocity content brand in the long run.

For his full insights, see the entire presentation below, which has 356,982 views on Slideshare to date:

I’d add two more things to take away from this:

“In the content marketplace, you’re not just up against your direct competitors. You’re up against everyone who’s producing content on the same issues,” writes Kessler in a guest post on Hubspot.

 “A Great Content Brand is the only thing that will protect you from the erosion of engagement that the vast majority of content marketers are about to experience,” explains Kessler in a brilliant Marketing Profs article where he elaborates on the six principles.

What do you do to create great content?

Image source: Alice via flickr

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