How to Market Your Blog Like a Superstar [Infographic]

ID-100142325Blogging guru Jon Morrow said it best: “Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint.”

It takes time to build your audience.

And you should pace yourself.

Before worrying what you should write about, how to get readers and grow your blog quickly (again, nothing is fast about blogging), think about the strategy you’re about to implement.

Experiment. Research you niche.

See what works for you and what doesn’t.

Don’t get overwhelmed before you’ve even started. Sometimes dreaming too big may be a bit too much.

Although I’ve been writing professionally for the past three years, I only started my own blog a little over two months ago, for reasons I wrote about here. I’m taking it one step at a time.

With 500 visits and over 1,000 page views per month, plus jumping up on from a global rank of 12,000,000+ to 2,206,109 (as I wrote this post), I’d say I’m not doing too bad.

My second blog post here landed me a guest posting invitation, and my first guest post on Huffington Post a new client. On top of that, I’ve just been accepted to write for Lifehack, thanks to my solid portfolio, and was invited to write for Medium. So, more guest posts are coming up for me to market my services, meaning more eyes are going to read me. The more visibility, the better.

I celebrate these small victories. How? Simply by practicing gratitude.

Yes, I still have a lot to do about domain authority, link building and many other technicalities, but I’m making the habit of splitting my tasks in smaller chunks, and work on each of them one after the other.

All brand building strategies from social media to content marketing to design and email marketing take time to implement. Putting in the work to make them work for you and your audience is key. Not losing hope is crucial. And not doubting yourself is paramount.

Having said that, take a look at what must be the longest, most comprehensive infographic ever: an added bonus to a 3-part ultimate marketing tactics guide created by Venchito Tampon of Digital Phillipines. It sums up 120 tips on how to make your blog stand out and reinforce your brand.

Read it carefully. Share it on social media with your friends and fellow marketers. And then sound off below in the comments about your blogging journey. What were your main fears? Have you ever considered giving up? What made you keep going?

120 Ways to Promote Your Blog

Infographic by Digital Philippines

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

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  1. says

    Love the infographic! I have been a writer for more than 10 years and just launched my personal blog. Many fears as I get started. My niche is crowded and I am not trying to focus too much on early numbers. I’m hoping solid content and some good promotion will eventually get me the readers I’m looking for. I really want to build a community among my readers! Thanks for the tips. I’m bookmarking this post for reference.

    • Anca Dumitru says

      Thanks for your comment, Marie.

      I’m glad you found my post useful, particularly the infographic. Isn’t it awesome? :) Hope it helps. But above everything else, creating quality content is definitely essential.

  2. says

    Awesome Anca. I have a blog for only four-months, but already landed a job as an Opinion Columnist in a woman’s online and print magazine, hooked up with a syndicated columnist (who writes for the HuffPost by the way) who is mentoring me, and also write opinion articles for a well known online, polling social research engine. Although a separate freelance writer’s website is a must, a personal blog can really land you lots of exposure, contacts and clients.

    Glad to have found you here!

    • Anca Dumitru says

      Wow, Joseph, that’s quite an achievement! Well done.

      Indeed, running your own blog helps you position yourself as an expert in your field. Besides that, you earn something extremely important: REACH. Clients will come to you. You won’t have to pitch them. Write on and thanks for dropping by!

    • Anca Dumitru says

      Hi Carol,

      Sorry for the late reply and thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you find the post useful for you and your audience. Feel free to reblog, just make sure you link back and mention it was posted here first.


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