How to Structure a Blog Post To Boost Sales [Infographic]

Picture this.

You’re sitting down ready to start writing a new post for your blog.

You’ve written hundreds already, and yet you hesitate.

You borrowed so many voices and styles writing for clients and guest posting. And now, you feel self-conscious about your own voice and style.

Are there still new ideas left uncovered? Or can you,  at least, create something sticky from a topic that’s been covered oftentimes, by giving it your own spin?

Yes, you’re going through that agony again.

Think of the message you want to sell. How much would it help and entice your readers? What would they take away from it?

Sonia Simone said: “Great content meets two criteria: It’s useful and it’s interesting.”

If whatever you want to share doesn’t meet at least one of these criteria, your fingertips shouldn’t get near that “Publish” button.

Remember to use powerful words to stir your readers’ emotions. Make them curious. Make them want to come back for more.

And focus on structuring your post using the right ingredients.

These elements are best visualized in this infographic made by the beautiful minds at Copyblogger.

Use it and share it.

11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs [Infographic]

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