Painted Picture: How to Travel into the Future with Your Business and Thrive

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I listened recently to one of Kate Northrup’s webinars called The Anatomy of Making Money Online.

All packed with interesting, inspiring and thought provoking information. For those of you who haven’t heard of Kate yet, she is the author of Money: A Love Story, a book that covers Kate’s fun and proven approach to creating absolute financial freedom.

While she shared her simple strategies of making a profit and a difference, Kate talked about how important it is to “paint” a clear picture of your business (and life) for the next three years, and recommended the Painted Picture exercise.

That’s an exercise which Cameron Herold – aka BackPocketCOO – describes in the first chapter of his book Double Double.

The thriving entrepreneur explains in simple terms the process of “leaning out into the future” to which he attributes his massive success. It’s the same technique of focus and visualization used by athletes. Since it works in sports, it might as well be used in business.

Cameron focuses on what the future of his company looks like in three years time at double its current size. He has absolutely no problem sharing his approach with everyone – his competitors included – and even urges any other business owners to use it. This helps him make his vision come true. But the secret sauce of how he’ll get there stays with him.

As I’m flying solo on my entrepreneurial journey, the idea inspired me to really take the time and look at every aspect of my business from a very different angle.

This reminded me of something I read about not too long ago. As human beings, we overestimate what we can do in one year, but we also tend to underestimate what we can do in three years. I wish I had known that when I first wrote my business plan, when all I looked at was just the numbers. Don’t get me wrong, numbers do matter. But there are also other elements to look at in order to run a viable business.

So with one foot in the present and the other one in the future, this is how my Painted Picture looks like at the end of 2016.

What I Do

WHY I do what I do: I enjoy helping my clients grow their businesses with great content to get the attention they deserve and stand out. Their success is my success.

HOW I do what I do: I write and and give content marketing advice. I help my clients to create customer success stories (or case studies) that sell. I work with companies who understand the importance of producing regular case studies and how these can benefit their organizations.

Customer Service

I always deliver on my promises to my clients. They feel they get great value for the money they pay me, and appreciate the fact that I can communicate clearly so that we’re always on the same page.


I am known in my field and my services are sought after. My voice is conversational and appealing to my audience. My message is conveyed in a concise and simple manner, and my online presence reflects that.


I continue to be frequently invited as a guest to write for popular magazines and blogs. This is shown on my website in my guest posts section. It helps me build credibility, gain new clients, and it builds my personal brand.


I keep being profitable with what I do. My business is growing thanks to my high-end clients who tell others about their positive experience working with me. I do less marketing as I get more clients through referrals. They trust me because I fully commit to the integrity of their projects. I keep diversifying and growing my income streams while working less hours.


I only work with clients who appreciate and reward the value I add to their business. I approach every new project with an open mind and excitement. My exchanges with my clients are always fulfilling, inspiring and positive and that goes both ways.

How I Feel

I’m successful and happy with my life. I feel relaxed and am excited to work with interesting, inspiring and generous people. I feel appreciated by my clients. I know I make a difference to their success. I’m exactly where I should be and my timing is excellent.


I work four days a week. I do at least three international trips every year, taking the time to visit the countries where I want to go. During my travels, I meet with people I connect and work with online, to extend the virtual relationship to a real one, which I find extremely important. Whether peers, clients or mentors, I work with people from all around the world and this gives me a great sense of satisfaction. I enjoy nurturing work relationships and friendships with positive people from different cultural backgrounds.


Most important, I maintain a perfectly healthy body and mind. I make sure I eat nutritious food, I drink plenty of alkaline water and I sleep well. I spend as much time outdoors as possible (walking, hiking, biking etc) and stay active.


Creating a vivid mental image of the future and bringing it in the present gives me clarity on what I’m building now. A clarity I’ve never had when I chose to follow the uncertain path of starting an online business.

I had a great feeling doing this exercise. Not just because I created my vision for fast growth, but also because there’s nothing more delicious than imagining yourself thrive as you reach your destination.

You should try it too.

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  1. says

    Anca, this article was right on time. Today I was struggling with some questions about my business and I ffound the answer in your article. Today I’m gonna paint my picture of the future. :) Thanks!

    • Anca Dumitru says

      Thanks for stopping by, Simona! :) I’m glad you found this post useful. Yes, make good use of it and come back whenever you feel ready and comfortable to share how it helped you.

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