September Roundup: How to be Number One on Google, Audience and More

ID-10080598My August weekly roundups got me two things that I’m really appreciative of: more eyeballs on my blog and new connections with fellow marketers and writers.

Some peeps whom I constantly read may have been vacationing this summer, but others were still hard at work.

Since my plate is getting considerably full, as of September I opted for putting together a monthly roundup, that will include 10 of the most engaging, results oriented and inspiring posts I come across.

There were lots of them this month and my mission to choose the best 10 posts wasn’t easy!

Here they are:

Number One on Google – How I Did It

Hailing from Ireland, Robert Ryan demonstrates the strategy he employed to get on top of the Google search results early September for the keyword phrase “social media management.” Now that’s quite the achievement! Even though this isn’t a universal recipe – Ireland being his primary market – Robert followed seven steps, something he normally does on a regular basis as his SEO routine. He also pinpoints a series of underlying factors that helped him get the results he wanted.

Kick Ass Local SEO Strategies from Around the World

Richard Marriot, a Brit who runs his blog from Beijing, has put together the feedback gathered from some of the best experts in the local SEO field by asking them a simple question: “What is the most Kick Ass strategy you used to make a brick and mortar business go from invisible to unmissable in local search?” He also updated it with an awesome summary that covers the ideas and strategies he gathered from his interviewees.

13 Tools and Services I Use Every Day to Build a Profitable Blogging Business

You think of starting a blogging business and have no clue what blogging platform works best for you? Wondering about the tools and services you might need to use so you can get the best results for your audience and yourself? Problogger’s Darren Rowse has all the answers you need to these questions and more.

Is Blogging Still Relevant in a World of Social Media? [6 Reasons Why I Think It Is]

Speaking of Darren and his massive blogging experience he’s gathered over the years, being the mastermind of both Problogger and Digital Photography School, he emphasizes the importance of developing a solid web presence. In this post, Darren looks at some of the main arguments as to why he thinks blogging is relevant as opposed to just using social media.

Blogging Is No Longer Enough

This is an article that complements the one I mentioned above while it recommends a solution to sharing your written content only on social media channels. Jayme Soulati adds to that approach by discussing the need for marketing automation and, especially, for syndication automation tools.

What Google Wants You to Know About Google Analytics

Very interesting Kissmetrics guest post by kikolani’s Kristi Hines. She covers the essentials of becoming a Google Analytics certified guru – from how to study to the topics covered to what to do (and not to do) with your certification. Getting an understanding of how Google Analytics works will help you come up with some great ideas on how to use it best for your and your clients’ websites.

How to Properly Handle Negative Reviews and Comments

I was unaware how much I needed such an article as my thick skin is still developing. Not everyone likes my writing, which is perfectly understandable to a certain extent, but the way nasty commentors and trolls express themselves does hurt. It’s inevitable to get nasty reviews and comments and you must learn how to deal with them and keep your reputation intact.  Carrie Smith is on the spot with her article teaching you what to do in such cases.

Beyond SEO: All Smart Online Marketing Is Optimized

Copyblogger’s Brian Clark got my attention this month with his post in He’s making a reference to a key point Eugene Schwartz made many years ago when there was no Internet or web marketing: “In order to effectively communicate with an audience, you must learn how the audience speaks.” Read Brian’s insights on audience optimization. I particularly enjoy his content marketing “circles of trust” and his analogy with Robert de Niro’s character in Meet the Parents.

Niche Marketing: Creative or Creepy?

Intriguing post on Liz Strauss’ blog by Barbara Fowler. Ms. Fowler was prompted to write this piece after she got a package of anti-aging skincare products from Klout because of her 56 Klout score. The post is rather about how this skincare company markets their new product. Your call to decide whether such marketing approach is creative or creepy.

How to Find More Content Ideas than You’ll Ever be Able to Create

I’m always into articles that suggest how to come up with more ideas than time for me to put them on page. Hence, I instantly devoured Peter Shallard’s post. While the basics still stay the same (solid headlines, narratives and writing), Peter asks three questions. Answering those questions is the key to getting your best ideas flow.

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