Social Media: Why Pinterest is Good for Your Business [Infographic]

Have you ever wondered what Pinterest can do for your business?

I admit, as a major Twitter fan, I was rather skeptical about using Pinterest as a potential marketing channel for sharing my content. I wondered how it would work for me. One of the things I’ve learned through my online endeavors is that I shouldn’t start with a channel in mind, but with an audience.

At first, being a visual person, I thought that just sharing various images is what it’s all about. So I created one board at a time based on my personal preferences and interests (food, travel, photography, entertainment), and waited to see what would happen. A like here, a repin there. It was kinda fun.

After I launched my blog, I created a board where I started pinning my posts. I allocated a separate one to my guest posts and also dedicated one to everything social media/writing/blogging I come across. I may not have a smashing following yet, but I enjoy every time I see my pins repinned and liked. And, most of all, I like interacting with and following other users in my niche.

I’m still keeping an eye on how Pinterest evolves, and am experimenting with it to drive traffic to my site and the ones I publish on. So I’ll see in time whether it’s worth it for me.

There’s no doubt though that Pinterest is seeing a huge growth, and the recent massive influx of cash of $225 million, including the ambitious goal to expand globally, will keep adding to that. Its usage surpasses Facebook on many aspects like inspiration on what to buy and keeping up to date with the latest trends on things users like. Even the “Pin It” button is used 10 times more than “Tweet This.”

This and what else Pinterest can do for your business is covered in the below infographic.

How does Pinterest work for you?

Courtesy of: B2B Infographics
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