Review: Twitter Content Marketing for Business [eBook]

3231178720_5e2c1c45a8_mIf you want to be an engaging Twitter influencer, read this ebook.

The guys at Wishpond have put together a top-notch informative and instrumental guide that walks you through everything you need to know as a business about bonding with your audience.

It starts with the basics, from setting up a Twitter account and how to use it properly, to targeting your markets and keeping in mind that it isn’t all about promoting you and your business. You must “pull in” your customer.

I particularly enjoyed the chapters covering the ROIs, KPIs and analytics. Lots of nice tools to play with to see how your Twitter marketing is working.

See for yourself in the below Slideshare presentation.

You can download the free copy of the ebook on Wishpond’s website.
Image source: Jeff Turner via flickr
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